• "Both dogs loved having me put it on and the relief they got almost instantly." - Brenda

  • "We just got this two days ago....already my lab is doing better." - Suzie

  • "I am a doctor and have a dog with the same problems. Two vets wanted to give him prednisone. Instead, I tried a number of other things first and then found Dermapaw, which worked in a matter of minutes. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to alternative medicine, but the Dermapaw not only stopped my dog from chewing his paws, it cleared up his red, scaly skin and a slight secondary infection without using antibiotics. I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it myself."
  • "Dermapaw stopped the itchiness on two of my dogs, and it also healed their skin issues." - Donna

  • "I love this product, my dog had her neck dug raw and this was the only thing that helped her. I had tried a lot of other products and ointment the vet gave me. this is an amazing product." - Debbie
  • "Hello Dermapaw, a very special thank you from our grandpup Neiko and I for your incredible ointment. After almost three years of vet bills, appointments and being told Neiko should be put down, Dermapaw has incredibly started to heal Neiko in just 72 hours. Absolutely unbelievable. Thank you, thank you for this miracle ointment."
  • "This is a great product! Would highly recommend it to everyone!!!" - Susan 

  • "Just wanted to let you know that Sunny's lick granuloma has completely cleared up. It has not been a problem for several weeks now. Sunny stopped licking it the first night and it started to shrink within two days. Thank you again for the great product!"
  • "Amazing customer service!!!" - Stacey

  • "My dog had two hot spots where she licked and scratched till they bled. Nothing worked until I put this on them. At first she struggled when I put it on a sore next to her mouth. But after about three applications, she actually tilted her head willingly for me to put it on. I think she knew that whatever I was doing made it better. She is now totally healed. The vet asked what it was I used because it was so amazing!" - Lynn
  • "Thank you guys for the great product. I recommend it to everyone who has a pet with skin allergies. It's the only product I use on my crazy puppy." - Frank

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. Poor Chaco scratches his tummy raw when he itches. We put him on the couch and rub it on the raw spots and the redness calms down almost immediately. He falls asleep while it's soaking in - great sign of relief! That little tub lasted forever!" - Jenn
  • "Nothing from the vet worked. But this works wonders!!" - Jody

  • "It's amazing how quickly this works. I recommend this product to anyone with a pet." - Deborah

  • "Dermapaw helped our cairn terrier, Nicky, with his itchy feet. After several trips to the vet and many different medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, Dermapaw was the only thing that helped relieve Nicky's itching. The hair on his front feet grew back pretty quickly after we started and the hair on the rear feet has now completely returned. Thank you so much!"
  • "Wonderful product, fabulous customer service. Thank you." - Patti

  • "I'd like to thank you for your wonderful product. I initially bought the Dermapaw to stop Lady, our Shih Tzu, from licking her front paws a few months ago. Two weeks ago she needed hip/knee surgery. Her skin was really red and sore where the bandage was torn off (some skin with it!) As soon as I took her home I cleansed her leg with cool water and put a thin layer of Dermapaw on. By the second day you couldn't tell there was any damage to her skin. The surgery was traumatic for everyone and having her skin heal as quickly as it did helped with her recovery! I recommend this product to anyone with a pet to keep on hand, just in case!"
  • "We have used Dermapaw now for nearly a week and it seems to be doing the trick. The redness on his paws is gone and the cracked skin parts are healing. I noticed yesterday that there is some fluffy hair growing back on the places that had none. I could not believe my eyes! Already! He loves getting his paws pampered. He actually falls asleep..!!! He had licked the hair off his paws and was just starting to go up his legs, but I feel that we have managed to stop the problem before it gets any worse. We call it Oscar's Magic Cream and we are forever grateful to you guys for sharing all your information."


Thank you everyone for taking the time to write such wonderful things.

We love hearing about happy dogs.

- Your friends at Dermapaw

 These reviews were taken from our Facebook page.