Dogs will lick anything you put on their skin or paws. That's why safety was our first priority from the very beginning. 

In most cases, dogs will lick Dermapaw Skin & Paw Treatment at first, to taste it. But then they will stop once they've tried it.

Dermapaw Skin & Paw Treatment is safe to lick and ingest.


Shea Butter – Derived from the seed of the African Shea Tree, Shea Butter contains cinnamic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory. We think shea butter is one of our most important ingredients. We use a lot of it.

Jojoba Oil – Derived from the seed of the desert Jojoba shrub, Jojoba oil acts as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and excellent moisturizer.

Emu Oil – Derived from the flightless Australian Emu, these birds are farmed and raised for their meat as well as for their medicinal oil. The oil comes from their fat, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin E   Acts as a skin protectant and promotes healing and skin repair. Our vitamin E comes from two sources. Tocopherols are the type of vitamin E found in most supplements. Ours comes from soybean oil. But we also use a high concentration of tocotrienols, a type of vitamin E not usually found in supplements, but with additional benefits. Our tocotrienols come from rice bran oil.  

Lavender OilDerived from the Lavender Flower, at a very small percentage, Lavender Oil has been proven to decrease blood pressure and heart rate by smell alone. Although it can have some anesthetic effect when applied topically, we don't use it for that. We use it because it can help relax your pet and put them at ease. 

Check our FAQ page to learn more about why it is even safe for them to lick.

Coconut Oil – contains a healthy dose of Omega 6 Fatty Acids, acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory and moisturizer for the skin. 

Beeswax forms a protective layer on the skin and also has remarkable antibacterial properties.

Rice Bran Oil a rich, gentle oil containing vitamin E that also increases natural vitamin E production in the skin. It is also used in many modern all-natural cosmetics.

Rice Bran Wax – used to bind all the other ingredients into a thick balm that melts at body temperature.