Questions and Contact

Is Dermapaw sold in pet stores?

You can only buy Dermapaw from our website or

Is Dermapaw sold on Amazon?

We don't sell it on Amazon, but you can use your Amazon account to pay for your order.

What if my dog licks Dermapaw? Is it safe?

We made it so dogs could lick it. It's completely non-toxic. They could eat an entire jar without any problems.

Does Dermapaw work for other skin besides paws? What about snouts, or tails, or tummies?

Yes, it works on any skin, anywhere. It won't sting or hurt no matter how damaged or sensitive the area. A lot of people use it on their dog's rectum or genitals to stop carpet scooting  and constant licking.

Can Dermapaw be used on cats?

Yes it can. 

How long will it take to get my order?

It usually takes about five days to get your package. If you choose Priority Mail, it usually takes three to four days. 

Why doesn't Dermapaw have a phone number?

We used to have a phone number but we got calls from all over the world at all hours, seven days a week. After a few years, we realized we were giving the very same advice over and over. We decided it would be better for everyone if we used email instead.

By using email, we can send you much more information about your dog's skin problems or paw licking. We can also make suggestions and give advice. With email, you can go back and read it again, whenever you want.

Why doesn't Dermapaw take phone orders?

For a tiny company like ours, it's enormously expensive to hire people to answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We don't want to have to pass unnecessary costs on to our customers.

We also don't want to take your credit card information over the phone. When you checkout, our website uses bank-level security to take your credit card number. We never even see it. It's safer for you, and safer for us.

Will Dermapaw stain my carpets, or furniture, or come off on my wood floors?

If your dog has a big glob of it on her fur or stuck between her toes, yes it will stain. But it very rarely ever happens. Dermapaw is kind of like lip balm for their whole body. Almost all of it soaks in within a few minutes, leaving a thin coat of mostly beeswax on the surface of the skin. In seven years, we've sold more than 40,000 jars. In all that time we've only had about four people say it stained their bedspread or silk couch. So yes, there's certainly the possibility that it might stain something. But the chances are pretty slim.

How much is international shipping?

It's $10 for any order, any country.

Why don't you sell the elastic sock harness anymore?

We had a lot of people that didn't understand that socks won't work without Dermapaw to stop the itching. They would just order the socks and then they were mad when their dog chewed them off. We also think it's kinda mean to put socks on your dog without doing anything about the itching. Besides, the socks aren't really necessary in most cases and we don't recommend using them for more than a few days. They are better than a big plastic cone, but they're still a lot of trouble and most dogs will stop licking without using them.

If you want to learn how to make one yourself, go to the More Information page and click on the videos.

Where is Dermapaw located?

We're in Mesa, Arizona. That's right next door to Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe, (where ASU is located).

Is Dermapaw made in the US?

Yes it is. We make it right here in Mesa, Arizona.

If you have questions about anything else, use the contact form below and we'll answer as soon as we can.

Usually it only takes a few hours to get back to you. But if you write to us on a weekend, we might not get to it until Monday.

Thanks again. Tell your dog hi for us.