Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Dermapaw FAQ! 

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Will Dermapaw work for me?

First of all, thanks for checking us out!

In an overwhelming number of situations Dermapaw significantly improves itching, scratching and/or licking in dogs and cats. It’s also great for dry skin.

If you give it a try and it doesn’t work for your dog or cat, just send us an e-mail at and we will give you a full refund.

What if my dog or cat eats Dermapaw?

Dogs and cats will naturally lick anything foreign on their skin, and Dermapaw is formulated with that in mind. Dermapaw is absolutely safe for dogs and cats to taste, and they probably will just out of curiosity and leave it alone after a couple minutes. Even if they end up eating a large amount of it, it won't hurt them. Of course, we don't recommend it, but it won't hurt them.

Is lavender toxic to pets?

There is not nearly enough lavender oil in Dermapaw for it to be toxic to dogs and cats.

The reason we use lavender is because it helps dogs and cats feel calm and can even help them fall asleep.

The ratio of lavender oil in Dermapaw is about 1/4000 mL, or .025%, which is not significant enough to have any internal effects.

Dilution is everything - for dogs and cats, the safe, veterinarian recommended amount to give internally for calming purposes is about one dosage of a 1/50 drop lavender/dilution ratio, or 2%. The dilution of lavender in Dermapaw is far less concentrated than even this ratio.

Check out the chart below for a representation of what we mean.


Cats tend to be a little more particular about scented things, so we made a formula just for them that has no lavender in it, although both Dermapaw formulas are safe for both dogs and cats.

If you, your dog or your cat dislike the smell of lavender, then the lavender-free Cat formula will be your best choice.

Can I use Dermapaw on cats?

Absolutely! Cats generally aren’t faced with allergies and itching quite as much as their canine friends, but there are always exceptions. Even if your cat is just a little itchy, Dermapaw can be a great solution for them. Cats tend to be a little more particular about scented things, so we made a formula just for them that has no lavender in it, although both Dermapaw formulas are safe for cats.

Our shampoo and conditioner are also both are safe for cats! Cats will usually bathe themselves, so most cat parents do not have a need for a cat-specific shampoo. A dog and cat’s skin pH levels do differ, but very slightly. So although our Dermapaw shampoo was formulated for dogs specifically, it can also work very well for cats. We’ve had many customers who have had great luck with the shampoo and conditioner for their cats, including our own cats at home because of how gentle and mild the shampoo is.

Where on my pet’s skin can I apply Dermapaw?

Dermapaw can be used on every part of the skin that has irritation. If your dog or cat has an open wound or what seems to be an infection, skip the Dermapaw and head to the vet - they will be able to provide your dog or cat with the proper treatment.

Dermapaw can be used on:

  • Paws
  • Ears
  • Face wrinkles
  • Lips
  • Noses
  • Around eyes
  • Warts
  • Keratosis
  • Interdigital Cysts
  • Rectums
  • Genitals
  • And more

    If you have a flat-faced dog breed such as a Bulldog or a Pug, or a wrinkly dog such as a Chinese Shar Pei or Bloodhound, applying some Dermapaw to a q-tip and cleaning out their wrinkles can feel great! It is a very gentle, soothing way to clean out facial crevices.

    You can use Dermapaw around the eyes, just be careful not to put it directly into their eye.

    For ears - Dermapaw can be applied to the skin on the outside of the ear and inside the ear flap, but should not ever be applied inside the ear canal. If your dog or cat is pawing at or itching their ears, you see swelling and/or redness, or if the ears have a foul odor it is likely due to an ear infection and should be taken care of by a vet.

    What is the consistency of Dermapaw? Is it messy?

    Because Dermapaw is made up of a combination of natural oils and waxes, it is a firm balm that will soften up to the touch.

    If you are concerned about your dog or cat getting Dermapaw on your furniture, it may be a good idea to keep your pet away from the couch or lay a blanket down for awhile after an application. In most cases, if the Dermapaw is rubbed into the skin, it won't come off on wood floors or furniture. It can take a few minutes to be completely absorbed into their skin so try to keep your dog from jumping on your best furniture until you've used it a couple of times. It's similar in consistency to a soft lip balm that melts at body temperature. You don't need much, just a thin coat, like you would use lip balm. 

    How do I Apply Dermapaw?

    When you apply Dermapaw to the skin, all you need is a thin layer. The oils should soak into the skin within a few minutes, leaving a thin protective barrier of beeswax on the surface.

    If it is a particularly furry area, you can sort of push the hair "against the grain" and apply it to their skin with your fingertips.

    Does Dermapaw Expire?

    The combination of ingredients in Dermapaw are inhospitable to bacteria, fungus and mold, so Dermapaw will not spoil or go rancid.

    The effectiveness of a jar of Dermapaw may lose potency after two or three years due to natural declines in the molecular structures, but it should be just as effective for four to five years.

    Where is Dermapaw manufactured?

    Dermapaw is a family manufactured and operated company all run out of Las Vegas, Nevada USA! 

    Is Dermapaw sold in pet stores?

    Right now, it's not sold in stores, but you can get it from,, or