About Us

One night, our dog started licking his paws.

Within a few days, he had licked the hair off his paws. We went to the vet. They prescribed Prednisone. It got better for a few weeks.

Then it came back. He lost more hair. His skin started to crack and bleed.

We went to other vets, more tests, medicated shampoo, more steroids. Nothing really worked very well. He just seemed to keep getting worse.

So we started experimenting. We tested ingredients on our dog and ourselves. We sent sample jars to rescue organizations. We gave it away to anyone who had dogs with skin problems. We had a lot of help. It took about a year, but eventually we developed Dermapaw.

It's been seven years and more than 40,000 dogs have used it. More than half our customers have come back to get another jar. 7,000 have become facebook friends. They post stories and pictures. Thank you everyone.

Our dog? He's getting older like us. But it's been seven years with no skin problems.

So far so good.